Friday, February 26, 2010

Toddler outings

I have been looking for things to do with Audrina for when the weather gets nice during the upcoming Spring and Summer and Fall. We recently went to the Secret Garden at the Mirage which was really fun, I have been plenty of times but Frank never has. Audrina loved the dolphins she was just watching them swim and come up out of the water she was screaming and yelling it was so fun. she didnt care much for all the other animals she just wanted to run and be free. Then we went into the hotel and she played on the rainbow floor which was very cute we will be doing that again! So I am thinking the shark reef in the summer and the mermaids at the silverton also, I love this age it is so much fun. Our Disneyland trip is coming up soon we are so excited and cant wait! I am still researching what to do in CA Adventure they have playhouse disney shows which im sure Audrina will just love.

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  1. i'm so glad she likes the new snack! she might also like what cohen calls "chocy." it is carnation instant breakfast (mixed with milk) he thinks it a chocolate milk, but it is full of protein and vitamins. both of us are happy!!