Thursday, February 11, 2010

You are the Author

While I was watching day time talk show TV yesterday another mom said we are the authors to our childrens book of life. I have been thinking about this and I have realized this is very true at least for me I am home with my daughter all day everyday she learns most of what she knows from me, my actions and reactions. My new year resolution was to curb my horrible language so my 1 year old does not run around repeating my verbage and also because I will be a teacher soon. I am trying to write her a good book, one she would appreciate when she gets older. I am impressed with her learning ability she is so smart she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it she is very vocal and thinks she is an adult sometimes I swear. She knows who the important people are in her life she has plenty of Grandmas (6 to be exact) Grandpas Aunties Uncles and cousins that she just loves to give hugs and kisses too and spend time with. With this we have also come to the agreement to get Audrina blessed soon, after talking It over with Frank we decided she is going to be brought up Christian for now and is free to choose whatever religion she wants as soon as she wants.

I have also come to the realization there are certain people that we come across in life that don’t deserve the time or effort to worry about. We have so many wonderful people in our lives as well as Audrinas that we don’t need the leaches sucking good life away.


  1. I really like this concept! We should get our toddlers together soon!

  2. no more sailor mouth, huh? haha good job!! You're an awesome mom & I love my beana!