Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been a while...

We have been busy enjoying our summer. Our weekends have all been busy, we have been swimming, going to birthday parties galore, celebrating holidays, going to church every Sunday, enjoying family in town and we even managed to sneak off and spend a few days in CA. Audrina has a new love for the slides at the park, any park shes such a big girl and climbs the jungle gyms and goes down every slide she can get too its so cute!
I will start off with June, we celebrated daddy's day with making breakfast and taking him to BJs for lunch where he got his Fathers Day beer glass which he was quite excited about. We also got lucky and got some last minute tickets to Barnum and Bailey circus, Audrina did not like sitting still for so long but really enjoyed the elephants and her snow cone. Victoria and Reese also came down to get her first tattoo!! So exciting and it looks really good I am kinda jealous.
July has been soo busy, we celebrated 4th of July with friends and family at Lake Las Vegas, Audrina LOVED the fireworks next year we are getting a hotel room so we are able to avoid the traffic of exiting. We have attended 4 birthday parties so far, 2 at the waterpark which Audrina does not like at all but we soak her so she can stay cool in the heat. We celebrated our nephew Braydons birthday as well as Allisons at Debbies awesome pool, we stayed almost until the sun went down, it is Audrinas favorite place to swim so far. We also took a little weekend trip to CA to see Willie off for the next 8 months he will be sailing the world with the Navy. Sad to say this month is almost over but I am not a big fan of the heat.
Audrina has now hit 18 months and talks and talks and talks...she can say well over 200 words and phrases she will tell us exactly what she wants with no hesitation she also has a ton of signs down, she loves her baby signing time.
Until next time..