Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 so far.

I always loose track of time on keeping up with this blog. Although I am always looking at everyone else's. So what is new around here...well Audrina will be 2 1/2 next month and is completely potty trained!! She has been for about 2 months now! It also helped alot that one of her BFF's Izzy has been since she was 18 months old, her and Audrina love to copy eachother! I wish I was able to post the videos of them I have on here its like a silent movie of them being complete trouble!

We just took our 3rd trip to Disneyland last weekend and we had a blast! It was really good weather and all Audrina wanted was a $5 pirate sword. We made out easy this trip. While waiting in line to meet Pooh and Tigger some ladies gave is World of Color fast passes, I have to say it was so awesome! Audrina loved it she was in awe mouth open and everything watching the show. Its like a movie made in the water. We also went to Huntington Beach, Audrinas first time on the beach and in the ocean she LOVED it! She is just like her daddy they played in the water for hours (i sat on the sand and watched).

I got my license to sub a few months ago, and I have been subbing here and there...I only HAVE to do it 2 days a month so its not too bad. I take it as experience for the career I have chosen. I have decided that I prefer to work with middle schoolers instead of the younger ones. If all goes as planned I get my degree (finally) in December of this year and student teach next spring.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been a while...

We have been busy enjoying our summer. Our weekends have all been busy, we have been swimming, going to birthday parties galore, celebrating holidays, going to church every Sunday, enjoying family in town and we even managed to sneak off and spend a few days in CA. Audrina has a new love for the slides at the park, any park shes such a big girl and climbs the jungle gyms and goes down every slide she can get too its so cute!
I will start off with June, we celebrated daddy's day with making breakfast and taking him to BJs for lunch where he got his Fathers Day beer glass which he was quite excited about. We also got lucky and got some last minute tickets to Barnum and Bailey circus, Audrina did not like sitting still for so long but really enjoyed the elephants and her snow cone. Victoria and Reese also came down to get her first tattoo!! So exciting and it looks really good I am kinda jealous.
July has been soo busy, we celebrated 4th of July with friends and family at Lake Las Vegas, Audrina LOVED the fireworks next year we are getting a hotel room so we are able to avoid the traffic of exiting. We have attended 4 birthday parties so far, 2 at the waterpark which Audrina does not like at all but we soak her so she can stay cool in the heat. We celebrated our nephew Braydons birthday as well as Allisons at Debbies awesome pool, we stayed almost until the sun went down, it is Audrinas favorite place to swim so far. We also took a little weekend trip to CA to see Willie off for the next 8 months he will be sailing the world with the Navy. Sad to say this month is almost over but I am not a big fan of the heat.
Audrina has now hit 18 months and talks and talks and talks...she can say well over 200 words and phrases she will tell us exactly what she wants with no hesitation she also has a ton of signs down, she loves her baby signing time.
Until next time..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little update

Its been a while since I have updated, school gets in the way of life. We went to Disneyland for a week the first week of April and it was so great, a perfect little vacation for us. Audrina loved everything in Disneyland, she loved the rides, the snacks, the staying up till 1am playing and the fireworks, but best of all I would say she just loved the Parade! It was a little chilly at night but other than that it was so much fun. Another trip is in the works hopefully for sometime in October when the halloween decorations are up.

The week after we got back it was Rebeccah's birthday party at the best park that we have ever been too. The girls had so much fun playing, making out and fighting over all Rebeccah's new toys. We have been back to that park a few times now, its just so cute and theres so much to do!

Now I have just been trying to finish this semester of classes which wasnt so bad, so next semester I will try this 5 class thing again. The end is very close and I am just ready to be finished. Frank has been working and playing with his jeep, he takes Audrina on little outtings while I am at school and they have so much fun. They think we need a new puppy, I am not so sure since I am the one home all day. Audrinas blessing day is coming up and we are glad to finally get it done and this will be Franks first time at a Christian service, so it should be interesting. We cant believe how much Audrina has grown in such a short period of time, she is a non stop talker and knows exactly what she wants when she wants it! We just love her guts!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My toddler is so smart!

Since Audrina turned 1 she has started repeating every word we say! Its a good thing bad thing, but we love it! She has also accomplished dipping everything it started with french fries into ketchup and now its everything she wants to dip. Last night she ate half a box of mac and cheese and quite a few mini corn dogs dipping them in ketchup of course! She has also picked up the awesome task of throwing things in the trash for me, this is my favorite so far she will throw away her own diapers and anything else I hand to her! We recently bought the dvd baby signing time and she has learning about 3 new signs this week on top of the 3 she already has down. Shes so oppinated and not afraid to tell you exactly what she wants either, especially if she wants it now. We are managing through this potty training she hasnt quite got it down but knows what the potty is and we go pee pee in it, she says pee pee everytime I walk into the bathroom, and comes in shuts the door and sits on her potty too.
She can make most of the animal noises and reconizes colors and items, such as bowls cups chairs anything and everything. She is just so stinkin' smart! Im done bragging for now more later. HA.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Toddler outings

I have been looking for things to do with Audrina for when the weather gets nice during the upcoming Spring and Summer and Fall. We recently went to the Secret Garden at the Mirage which was really fun, I have been plenty of times but Frank never has. Audrina loved the dolphins she was just watching them swim and come up out of the water she was screaming and yelling it was so fun. she didnt care much for all the other animals she just wanted to run and be free. Then we went into the hotel and she played on the rainbow floor which was very cute we will be doing that again! So I am thinking the shark reef in the summer and the mermaids at the silverton also, I love this age it is so much fun. Our Disneyland trip is coming up soon we are so excited and cant wait! I am still researching what to do in CA Adventure they have playhouse disney shows which im sure Audrina will just love.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Our valentines day started Friday night, Frank and myself went to see Valentines Day such a good movie I am totally going to get it when it comes to dvd, then we went to dinner at BJs which was so good!! On Saturday Frank washed the cars and vaccumed all of Audrina mess out of mine the usual cheerios, crackers, and trix all smashed in the the seat and floor. Sunday we went to dennys which was packed so we went to the one closer to babies r us where we had to go anyway it was a long wait but always good and Audrina ate 2 full pancakes plus all the snacks we brought her along with her water. Then we were off to Babies R Us, we are contemplating getting a smaller more compact stroller, we ended up getting Audrina diapers, a new high chair well table chair, a swim suit, new silver sparkley sandals, and some wooden blocks. I wanted to stop at Kohls on the way home to get Audrina the last set of little cardboard books that she just loves as well as I do, she cant rip the pages or break them she now has the Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Princess books. She just loves books she always bringing them to us sitting in our lap for us to read. Our last stop before we went home was to walmart to pick up some medicine for Frank as he wasnt feeling to well, that ended up in Audrina getting the new Minnies Bowtique movie and Frank getting a new ps3 controller and something else ps3. It was a good day...later we went to my moms to get our gifts from her and some tacos. Yum.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You are the Author

While I was watching day time talk show TV yesterday another mom said we are the authors to our childrens book of life. I have been thinking about this and I have realized this is very true at least for me I am home with my daughter all day everyday she learns most of what she knows from me, my actions and reactions. My new year resolution was to curb my horrible language so my 1 year old does not run around repeating my verbage and also because I will be a teacher soon. I am trying to write her a good book, one she would appreciate when she gets older. I am impressed with her learning ability she is so smart she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it she is very vocal and thinks she is an adult sometimes I swear. She knows who the important people are in her life she has plenty of Grandmas (6 to be exact) Grandpas Aunties Uncles and cousins that she just loves to give hugs and kisses too and spend time with. With this we have also come to the agreement to get Audrina blessed soon, after talking It over with Frank we decided she is going to be brought up Christian for now and is free to choose whatever religion she wants as soon as she wants.

I have also come to the realization there are certain people that we come across in life that don’t deserve the time or effort to worry about. We have so many wonderful people in our lives as well as Audrinas that we don’t need the leaches sucking good life away.