Friday, January 29, 2010

First Blog

I decided to start this blog thing it seems to be a nice way to keep everyone updated on Audrinas new and exciting daily acitvities as well as Frank and mine although we are a little more boring.
Frank is still working in fire sprinklers and letting me stay home to take care of Audrina. Although I am still a full time student hopefully by this time next year I will be finished, I would rather be home with my family then in class.
Now for Audrina this spicy little thing is the light of everyones life. She is so sweet yet sassy, she has started to mimick everything she has quite the vocabulary about 50ish words that she says regularly now a few of my favorites peez bite and more she knows what she wants and she will let you know. We just started working on colors she can say all of them and my favorite is yellow which she said lell-o! She loves to snack shes not the big eater unless a good cartoon is on and she is in her highchair watching, shes more an eat on the run kinda toddler. She is just like her daddy and loves candy anykind she can get her little hands on lollipops are a favorite as well as sour patch kids and skittles. She does make me proud though she is a total vegetable girl she loves them espeically the bite size pieces she can grab and go. Oh and a great habit she uses a fork!! She loves it I think using her fork makes her feel like a big girl as she also would rather sit in a chair than in her highchair. She is quite the social butterfly in public as well she loves to say "hi" and "bye" to everyone she sees as well as give kisses, yes even to total strangers in the mall...that was fun.
We are also planning on our first trip to Disneyland as 3 in March or April and I am so excited for Audrina to meet all the characters she knows them all from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which she watches daily. She cant get enough of Mickey and Duck. It should be an exciting trip!!