Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 so far.

I always loose track of time on keeping up with this blog. Although I am always looking at everyone else's. So what is new around here...well Audrina will be 2 1/2 next month and is completely potty trained!! She has been for about 2 months now! It also helped alot that one of her BFF's Izzy has been since she was 18 months old, her and Audrina love to copy eachother! I wish I was able to post the videos of them I have on here its like a silent movie of them being complete trouble!

We just took our 3rd trip to Disneyland last weekend and we had a blast! It was really good weather and all Audrina wanted was a $5 pirate sword. We made out easy this trip. While waiting in line to meet Pooh and Tigger some ladies gave is World of Color fast passes, I have to say it was so awesome! Audrina loved it she was in awe mouth open and everything watching the show. Its like a movie made in the water. We also went to Huntington Beach, Audrinas first time on the beach and in the ocean she LOVED it! She is just like her daddy they played in the water for hours (i sat on the sand and watched).

I got my license to sub a few months ago, and I have been subbing here and there...I only HAVE to do it 2 days a month so its not too bad. I take it as experience for the career I have chosen. I have decided that I prefer to work with middle schoolers instead of the younger ones. If all goes as planned I get my degree (finally) in December of this year and student teach next spring.