Friday, March 12, 2010

My toddler is so smart!

Since Audrina turned 1 she has started repeating every word we say! Its a good thing bad thing, but we love it! She has also accomplished dipping everything it started with french fries into ketchup and now its everything she wants to dip. Last night she ate half a box of mac and cheese and quite a few mini corn dogs dipping them in ketchup of course! She has also picked up the awesome task of throwing things in the trash for me, this is my favorite so far she will throw away her own diapers and anything else I hand to her! We recently bought the dvd baby signing time and she has learning about 3 new signs this week on top of the 3 she already has down. Shes so oppinated and not afraid to tell you exactly what she wants either, especially if she wants it now. We are managing through this potty training she hasnt quite got it down but knows what the potty is and we go pee pee in it, she says pee pee everytime I walk into the bathroom, and comes in shuts the door and sits on her potty too.
She can make most of the animal noises and reconizes colors and items, such as bowls cups chairs anything and everything. She is just so stinkin' smart! Im done bragging for now more later. HA.

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