Monday, February 15, 2010


Our valentines day started Friday night, Frank and myself went to see Valentines Day such a good movie I am totally going to get it when it comes to dvd, then we went to dinner at BJs which was so good!! On Saturday Frank washed the cars and vaccumed all of Audrina mess out of mine the usual cheerios, crackers, and trix all smashed in the the seat and floor. Sunday we went to dennys which was packed so we went to the one closer to babies r us where we had to go anyway it was a long wait but always good and Audrina ate 2 full pancakes plus all the snacks we brought her along with her water. Then we were off to Babies R Us, we are contemplating getting a smaller more compact stroller, we ended up getting Audrina diapers, a new high chair well table chair, a swim suit, new silver sparkley sandals, and some wooden blocks. I wanted to stop at Kohls on the way home to get Audrina the last set of little cardboard books that she just loves as well as I do, she cant rip the pages or break them she now has the Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Princess books. She just loves books she always bringing them to us sitting in our lap for us to read. Our last stop before we went home was to walmart to pick up some medicine for Frank as he wasnt feeling to well, that ended up in Audrina getting the new Minnies Bowtique movie and Frank getting a new ps3 controller and something else ps3. It was a good day...later we went to my moms to get our gifts from her and some tacos. Yum.


  1. Im your stalker & I'm following you ... LMAO!!! wooo hooo! busy day!!! I love this blog! So cute! :-)

  2. sanks....stalker! Im sure your not the only one! LOL