Friday, February 5, 2010

No Gummy Bears before bed

To encourage my dear daughter to sit on her potty I brought some gummy bears for bribery, and indeed they work she will sit on her potty and she gets a gummy bear. I got her a potty not to force it on her just to get her used to the idea of peeing in the potty. She loves the potty song and asks me to sign everytime I am on the potty, she also says pee pee and potty so we are on a good routine with that. Needless to say I got home from school at about 8 last night and we were on the potty with gummy bears, Audrina was up at 10 running after me screaming trying to attack. It was hilarious yet I was ready for bed, so needless to say no more bears before bed!

On a better note thanks to Super Why on PBS we can say A-E and random ones after that shes very good at ba for B and pa for P and Da for D.

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